Marceline Lindsay

Energy Impact Flourish

Marceline Lindsay, founder of Energy Impact Flourish Coaching, believes that with the right level of energy you can make the impact on your life that you want and ultimately flourish.

Watch our interview with Marceline on her business and how she accessed BIPC for support to grow her business.

Marceline coaches women who are experiencing burnout, low energy, overwhelm and low productivity. She works with clients to build long-term productive and energising habits and behaviours so that they can get more things done and still feel energised to do the things they love.

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Marceline Lindsay

How was BIPC Nottinghamshire able to help?

Marceline accessed her Business & IP Centre in Nottinghamshire and used free online resources such as COBRA, Easy Business through her library to help her to narrow down her niche and find potential businesses to collaborate with.

She was also able to speak with mentors for advice on growing her business. Since engaging with BIPC, Marceline has also hosted Business Clubs for BIPC Nottinghamshire to support other entrepreneurs reflect on their energy and motivation levels.

Marceline’s best piece of business advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

“You don’t know what you don’t know. So rely on others to help you. Recognise when you need help, reach out to mentors and coaches and use the BIPC.”