Computers, printing and WiFi

Free PC use, plus printing, copying, scanning services and WiFi access

Introducing Hublet!

Hublets are Samsung Galaxy tablets which library users can borrow for use within the library. All you need is your Nottingham City library card and PIN to release a Hublet for up to 2 hours use, completely free.

Enjoy thousands of free e-magazines, a wide selection of e-books, watch your favorite tv-programme, play games or simply browse the web!

6 tablets in a docking station

Computers In Libraries – GREY

Booking a computer


Using a computer

    • Using our computers is free for library members, if you are not a member you can join the library online. If you are a visitor there is a charge.

Nottingham City Libraries have Windows 10 computers with access to:

      • Internet
      • Scanning
      • Printing in colour, black & white, A4 and A3 (charges apply)
      • Microsoft Office 2016 applications
      • An accessible USB drive to allow you to save your work

When using a library computer you must agree to our Library computer access policy.

If you are under the age of 18 you will need written permission from a parent or carer to use the library computers.

<id=”WiFi”>Free public WiFi provided by GovWifi is available in all Nottingham City Libraries and many other Nottingham City Council buildings.

  • The first time you use our public WiFi you will need to sign-up. Please ask the library staff for instructions on how to connect.
  • Printing is currently not available from personal devices, to print you must be logged on to a library computer.
  • A4 and A3 black and white and colour printing are available in all our libraries when using our library public computers.
  • Photocopying will also be available, A4 and A3 black and white and colour.
  • There is normally a charge to print, please bring the correct change to pay at the printer/photocopier coin box.

Printing from personal laptops or other mobile devices is now available at a few of our libraries via the Princh app. Click the button below to find out more!

All our libraries have scanning facilities that are free to use.

  • Using the printer / photocopier you can scan A4 and A3 papers to your USB. You cannot scan directly to an email from the printers.
  • Using our flatbed scanners you can also scan directly to email and so will need to book a computer in advance.
  • A computer with a flatbed scanner is available in every library. These library computers are very popular and have limited availability, please contact us when booking if you need a flatbed scanner.

Cash only in machine coin box.

Please have exact change.

TypeCharge (standard)Charge (under 18s)
A4 Black and White£0.15 per side£0.10p per side
A3 Black and White£0.30 per side£0.15 per side
A4 Colour£0.50 per side£0.25 per side
A3 Colour£1 per side£0.50 per side

There may be additional charges for staff-assisted document copying for Local Studies materials. Please ask staff for details.

Discounts for printing or photocopying: Free printing in homework sessions (max 10 A4 sheets).

Nottingham City Council believes that payday loans are detrimental to the health and economic well-being of Nottingham’s citizens.

The Council is supporting: stricter controls over payday loan companies and premises; stricter regulation of advertising for payday loan companies; and the promotion of credit unions which provide a safer loan alternative to vulnerable citizens.

As a result, all payday loan company websites will be blocked and inaccessible on all Nottingham City Council computers, including public computers in libraries from Thursday 19th September 2013.

For information on alternatives and advice on financial services visit the Welfare Rights Service.

Gambling sites

In addition, after further review, the decision to block gambling websites on all Nottingham City Council Library computers was taken and is in effect from 1 November 2019.

To make comment on these policies or any Nottingham City Council matter you can Have Your Say via the online comments and complaint system.

GovWifi Terms and conditions

Nottingham City Libraries Computer Acceptable Use Policy

Hublets are Samsung Galaxy tablets which library users can borrow for use within the library (currently at the Meadows Library and Dales Centre Library). All you need is your Nottingham City library card and PIN to release a Hublet for up to 2 hours use, completely free.

The Hublets are ready to browse the internet using the library’s WiFi, and are preloaded with some commonly used apps.

Hublet Tablets are programmed to work in the library only and should not be taken off site.