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Rooms for Hire

Across our libraries we have different sizes of rooms with varying facilities for small conferencing, study, events, activities and clubs.

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When is Room Hire Chargeable?

  • Where a group/individual is going to charge people to attend
  • Closed (to the public) meetings
  • Commercial companies

When is Room Hire Free?

  • Where the meeting or event is a service to citizens and open to the public and no charge is made for attendees. Examples include Police, Councillors, Welfare Rights and Citizens Advice surgeries, family support events
  • Library initiatives/activities/events/ where Libraries have invited the speaker/performer/organisation

Locations & RoomsMaximum CapacityHourly Rate
Aspley Library
Sunshine Room50£10
Interview Room3£5
Basford Library40£10
Bilborough LibraryContact to enquire
Community Centre (whole)150£30 (2 hr min)

Weekend Children's Parties £30 for 3 hours
Room 1 (with garden access)40£10
Room 250£10
Main Hall (Access is required via room 1 / 2)60£10
Bulwell Riverside LibraryVarious roomsContact to enquire
Clifton Library40£10
The Dales Centre20 if room closed off,
100 if opened into the library
Hyson Green LibraryVarious roomsContact to enquire
Meadows Library
Community Room30£10
Interview Room4£5
Nottingham Central LibraryVarious roomsContact to enquire

St Ann's Valley LibraryVarious roomsContact to enquire
Southglade Park Library12£10
Strelley Road LibraryTheatre style 25
Boardroom style 18
Max 40 if opened up
Wollaton Library25£10

Overrun charge£6
Out of hours charge£30 (where available)
Public Liability Insurance£2 per session
Flip chart & pensFree

Available for charge at Bulwell Riverside, St Ann's Valley and Hyson Green Library

Available at Bulwell Riverside, St Ann's Valley and Hyson Green Library at no extra cost.
RefreshmentsRoom hirers can bring their own refreshments if required or use vending machines.

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