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Teens and Young Adults

Nottingham City Libraries prides itself on being a welcoming, free and friendly place for teens and young adults. A place to socialise, learn and seek guidance. Find out more below.

Using the library

A safe, non-judgemental place

At Nottingham City Libraries we want teens and young adults to get the most out of their library. This begins with providing you a safe and welcoming location to socialise and learn. We understand that life can be hard for teens and young adults and money can be especially tight. Modern cities can sometimes fail to offer much in terms of free indoor spaces that allow you to meet with friends or simply get out of the house. Perhaps you need a good Wi-Fi connection but don’t want to have to buy an expensive beverage in one of the city’s coffee shops.

Whatever the reason, many of our libraries have dedicated spaces both for socialising and study and we want you to use them! Long gone are the days of strict librarians trying to ‘shsshh’ your every word. We will respect you and enjoy having you use our buildings, whether it is for meeting friends, doing your homework, or searching for your first job. Our staff are very friendly and you might even make a new friend or two as well as meet someone to offer you guidance.

Keep on reading to find out more about what Nottingham City Libraries can offer you!

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Are you looking for something new and different to read?

Then visit our webpage dedicated to the joy of reading for pleasure, where the focus and discussions are all things reading.

There are favourite monthly picks, links to writing workshops, our reading groups and lots of other reading & writing events to discover. Also, keep your eyes on our Discover and Get Involved page for the latest author talks and other special events focused on the joys of writing and reading.

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Computers, Wi-Fi and Printing

All our libraries have free Wi-Fi, free computer use, and printing facilities. Our full range of services include….

To find out more about all these services, follow the button below.

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eMagazines, eBooks and eAudio

Did you know Nottingham City Libraries now have a great selection of eBooks, eAudio Books, and eMagazines, all for free!  You just need your library card number and a few different apps, depending on what you want. Watch the video below for a sneak preview of how it all works and then choose a button below to suit your needs.

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GCSE and A-Level resources

Nottingham City Libraries have a great selection of study materials to see you through your GCSE’s and A-Levels.  Sometimes the book you need might just be sitting on our shelves but if not, we can often order it from another library within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Maybe your school or college library’s study materials are all loaned out! Then why not give our library catalogue a search to see if we can help!  You can start here with a search of available GCSE and A-level books. We also try and keep up to date with the very latest GCSE and A-level revision books but because these are so popular we keep them as reference-only copies within the library which you can come and use for study whenever you visit us.

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Learning to drive and the world of work

Have you just turned 16 and are thinking about looking for that first full-time job? Or perhaps you’re ready to hit the roads and start learning to drive? Or maybe you have turned 19 and you might be eligible for some of our free courses to give you a leg up! Take a look at some of the ways in which Nottingham City Libraries can help you transcend into happy and successful adulthood.

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Searching for that first job!

Our Jobs, Work, Money, and Support page has loads of information about managing money, finding work, benefits you can claim, help you can receive, and your rights as a young adult.  On the page found out more information regarding…

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Learning to drive?

Learning to drive isn’t just about your control of the car. Your knowledge of the rules of the road will make the difference between you becoming a successful driver or one that struggles. Nottingham Libraries have your back with a great selection of resources to help you pass your driving test the first time!

Discover & Get Involved

Front cover of Black lIVES

Black Lives

Black Lives is the Nottingham Writers Studio collection of stories where ethnic minorities take the major roles. Written by a diverse range of 27 authors from around the globe their tales cross all genres while tackling issues of race, colourism and identity.

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