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Often business ideas start close to home. An allergy problem affecting her son sparked Sam to explore and experiment with natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory products to find a solution that worked.

Four years later and Sam’s successful, small business Breaze Health is looking for investment to take the next stage of business growth.

Read on for our interview with Sam and how BIPC Nottinghamshire helped with access to resources.

Sam, Founder of Breaze Health.

“I’m a Lincolnshire based business owner making and selling a range of natural healthcare products to support people with hay fever and allergies. The Breaze range of products was created when my son, Theo was doing his GCSEs. His hay fever was awful, antihistamine tablets were making him drowsy and groggy all day and his hay fever was keeping him awake at night too. He was tired, miserable and stressed at a time when he needed to be at the top of his game. When I looked for an effective, fast-acting drug free alternative to help him I couldn’t find anything. After a 12-year career with Boots I used my knowledge of consumer healthcare & natural remedies and began experimenting with essential oils and botanicals. Breaze is based on the natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils.

“Breaze Health was founded in 2018. After two years of research, development and testing we launched our market test in 2020. Since then we have developed the brand and grown the business and now thousands of people are using Breaze to help them cope with their hay fever and allergies. We have reached a point where we need to secure investment to grow and scale our operation. In order to attract the right level of investment we need access to reliable market data to assess market value, size and growth both in the UK and internationally.

How was BIPC Nottinghamshire able to help?

“The Euromonitor reports we needed are not freely available and the circa £50,000 cost to buy them was out of reach for a small start up. I was referred to BIPC Nottinghamshire by my business advisor at Nat West. He had heard that BIPC may be able to help.

“The BIPC Advisor was able to access and share all the market data I needed free of charge allowing me to build a robust business investment case which will be essential as I begin to build relationships with investors. Without this data I would simply not be in a position to take my business to the next level of growth.

Breaze Health product range

Best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?

Make lots of small decisions every day. Even if they’re the wrong decisions you’re learning
And – don’t wait for perfect information – 85% is still an A*

Most likely to be found…?

Walking the dog and trying not to fall off horses

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