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It’s free to join the library. Applying online for a library card is easy; there is a quick form to complete, then when our team have worked on your application they’ll email your library membership details to you ASAP. When you receive the card number and have your chosen PIN/password you can start using our services straight away.

What do I need to do to join online?

  • Fill in the application form and Remember to make a note of your PIN / password.
  • After you complete the form and click Register, you will get a temporary membership number.
  • Email your Name and Temporary Number to reception.centrallibrary@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
  • Our library staff will process your application during library open hours and email your library card number to you ASAP.
  • Once you have your card number and the PIN / password you chose you’re ready to go! You can use our eResources, Click & Collect and other available services straight away.
  • If you are joining us as part of the eBooks for Patients project, please indicate on your joining email which NUH hospital you’re at: Nottingham University Hospitals City Campus or Nottingham University Hospitals Queens Medical Centre. You will receive a prompt for this after you fill in the brief online form.


Before completing the form please read the Terms and Privacy information below*

You can use your library card at any Nottingham City or Nottinghamshire Inspire Libraries.

You can apply for a Nottingham City Library card if you live in Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, Derby City or the surrounding counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. Or if you don’t live in these areas you can also apply if you work or study in Nottingham City.

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You don’t need to apply for a new card if:

But, if you had a library card but haven’t used it for over three years:

Please apply for a new library card.

Terms and Privacy

By sending us this form you are:

  • Declaring that the information is correct
  • Agreeing to be responsible for all items borrowed using the library membership card

Using your Personal information: We will use the information you provide for the purposes stated on this form or in pursuance of any other legitimate interest held by the Council. Your personal information may also be processed to facilitate the provision of services in respect of any of the Council’s activities, or for the prevention and detection of crime and fraud. Under the Data Protection Act, Nottingham City Council is the Data Controller for the information you have given us.

For more information visit http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/privacystatement


Customer Service Excellence Award

After an independent review Nottingham City Libraries has been awarded a cabinet offices Customer Excellence Quality Mark.

We are one of only seven public libraries in the UK to achieve this. Join our quality library service here.

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Little girl reading.
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