Father And Young Son Reading Book Together At Home

Books for parents and carers 

Being a parent or carer can be hard and the challenges change as your child grows.  Our Parenting collections include a range of titles to encourage, inspire and inform you, and to remind you that you’re not alone, as well as to help you to talk about new or difficult experiences with your children.  Here are a few recent additions to the collection to give you a flavour, or you can search the catalogue for particular topics. 

Your baby and child

Your baby and child: from birth to age five – Penelope Leach 

This new edition of Penelope Leach’s best-selling guide to childcare includes guidance on sleeping, feeds, washing and playtime, as well as advice on your baby’s physical, intellectual and emotional development, from birth to age five. 

But why

But why? How to answer tricky questions from your kidsClemmie Talford 

‘But Why?’ aims to help parents tackle those awkward questions that can floor the best of us, covering a wide range of topics including bodies, bullying, mental health, sexuality, money, social media and anxiety.  

How to talk when kids won’t listen_1

How to talk when kids won’t listen – Joanna Faber 

From homework hassles to temper tantrums, sibling rivalry to bedtime battles, every parent has felt the weight of escalating scenarios and ineffective punishment. ‘How to Talk When Kids Won’t Listen’ is filled with top tips, relatable stories, and forward-thinking techniques designed to transform your relationship with your child. 


Between: a guide for parents of eight to thirteen-year-olds – Sarah Ockwell-Smith 

‘Between’ is a modern guide for parents of 8-13 year-olds – also known as ‘tweenagers’, looking at the biology, neurology, psychology and sociology of adolescence as well as plenty of practical parenting advice. 


body happy

Body happy kids: how to help children and teens love the skin they’re in – Molly Forbes 

This reassuring and practical guide covers everything you need to help your child to care for their body with kindness, including how to approach good nutrition (without falling for diet culture), how to see the reality behind beauty ideals and how social media can be used to support body confidence rather than destroy it. 

teenage years

The teenage years: creative ways to stay connected with your teenager –  Joanna Fortune 

Parenting through the teenage years can be challenging and overwhelming. Combining neurological insights into the key stages of adolescence with a road map for playful connection, Joanna shows you how to navigate your way through the teenage years and adolescent behaviour. 


Time to use the potty Fiona Munro 

Follow the twins, Jasmine and Jack, on their journey to using the potty. This board book is a humorous telling of the ups and downs of toilet training, teaching hygiene practices, positive reinforcement and a reminder that it is okay when accidents happen.  

Our new baby

Our new baby Jane Lacey 

This book helps young children to understand what happens when a new sibling comes into the family. It features nine case studies from children who have a range of issues from being jealous of a new baby to worrying about a relationship with a step-dad. 

Daddy’s Rainbow

Daddy’s RainbowLucy Rowland 

Erin’s daddy sees the colour in everything. Even on the greyest days, they put on their wellies and go splashing in puddles. But what happens when the greyest day of all comes, and Daddy isn’t there any more? Can Erin learn to find colour in the world again? This picture book about the loss of a parent is a starting point for conversations about love, loss and learning to live again. 

My first meals

My first meals Grace – Mortimer 

A collection of simple, delicious and healthy recipes that take minimal effort to cook, showing parents with young kids how to create quick and efficient lunches, snacks and dinners with only five ingredients and sometimes less. Each recipe is perfect for young children. 

The sustainable (ish) guide to green parenting_1

 The sustainable(ish) guide to green parenting – Jen Gale 

Want to live more sustainably but not sure how? In this book, you’ll find easy, doable ideas and suggestions for you to pick and choose from, to try out and adapt.