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The Marsh Forum Presents…

When: Saturday 13 July, 10am to 12pm

Cinemas in Nottingham

An illustrated talk on the history of Nottingham cinemas by Graham Woodward

From around 1910 picture houses began to appear in Nottingham. Discover what it would have been like to go to the pictures in those early days, and how that experience changed through the 20th Find out how many picture houses there were in Nottingham at the height of cinema going – and do any of the buildings still remain?

The Marsh Forum is a heritage partnership between Nottingham Local Studies Library, Nottinghamshire Local History Association, Nottingham Civic Society and The Thoroton Society which will run a regular programme of Nottingham related talks throughout the year.

Date: Saturday 13 July,

Start: 10am

Cost: Tickets are free but booking is essential.

Nottingham Central Library, Floor 1

Drinks can be purchased at the café on the ground floor of the library.

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