Advertising a talk for the Byron 200 years talk - Byron and Vampires.


Dr Sam Hirst explores the role Byron played in developing the image of the aristocratic predatory vampire we find so fascinating today.

When: Monday 17 June 2024, 2-4pm

Vampires are some of the most familiar and well-loved of monsters. From Dracula to Twilight, we’re fascinated with these fanged fiends. This talk by Dr Sam Hirst explores the role Lord Byron played in developing the vampire and how we owe the image of the vampire as aristocratic predator extraordinaire to Byron… although not in the way he might have hoped.

The talk is taking place in Rooms 6&7 on Floor 2, and booking is essential. Drinks can be purchased at the café in Nottingham Central Library.

A poster for Byron 200, a program of events in collaboration with the university of Nottingham

Nottingham’s Byron

We are proud to host a programme of talks and events presented by University of Nottingham in partnership with Nottingham Central Library, Nottingham Museum & Galleries service and the Virtual Immersive Production Studios to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Byron’s death. The programme of events will run from May to August and focus on Byron’s connection to Nottingham, and the exhibition will run from 4 November 2024 to May 2025.