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Byron: 200 Years of Fame

Join Christy Fearn for a captivating lecture and performance exploring the life of Byron.

When: Saturday 13 July

Nottingham Central Library are proud to partner with the Society of Authors on this series of workshops and talks for 2024. From writing witchcraft, world building, crime writing, to children’s storytimes, we have something for everyone.

Society of Authors Presents: Christy Fearn

Talk: ‘Byron: 200 Years of Fame’

  • Saturday 13 July
  • Tickets Price: £5.50
  • Door open at 11am

Join Christy Fearn for a lecture-cum-performance all about Byron’s life and his fame, including his letters and poems; with reference to the experiences of more contemporary famous figures.

Hear readings from Byron’s portfolio, and bring your own favourite Byron piece to share and discuss with the group.