Statista provides research and market analysis across 150+ countries. A powerful tool, which captures and visualises global stories so you can understand what drives consumers.

Access information on over 80,000 topics relating to the UK and abroad, including statistics, reports and market outlooks. Charts can be downloaded for use in your reporting.

Accessing Statista Free through Libraries

Statista can be accessed at your Business & IP Centre in the following libraries:

Email or call one of these libraries to book a computer in advance, or ask the front desk for a BIPC computer when you are visiting.

Getting around Statista

There are two main ways to navigate Statista:

  • Through keywords in the quick search bar
  • Browse different types of information via the headings on the top toolbar

Statista webpage

Viewing, Downloading and Printing

Statistics can be downloaded by library users. Reports and dossiers can be requested from the BIPC Advisor, limited to one download per user, per visit.

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