star wars

Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you to all our customers and avid Star Wars fans!

To all our library members, May the 4th be with you all!

May the 4th has come,  Nottingham City Libraries are big fans of Star Wars and the extended universe! We saw fit to use this as a day to celebrate the fantastic galaxy spanning world that brought new hope to sci-fi lovers everywhere since 1977.

Now even 44 years later the magic of Star Wars continues! But not only in the form of fantastic movies that delight us with tales of galactic adventure and epic stories of good vs evil…

But also in great books and graphic novels that libraries have to offer! Find out more below!

star wars 2

An Imperial Inspection…

A short while ago, in a library not so very far away…

Darth Vader paid a short visit to our very own Strelley Library! Here he met our very own fantastic library worker Shelley and came to inspect our machinery to make sure it was up to the Empires standards!

Not to miss!

Star Wars Books For Everyone

Perhaps you are a Star Wars fan looking for a place to enjoy the expanded universe outside of the movies? Take a look through the library catalogue and take a look at these fantastic graphic novels and books that are available!


Skywalker Strikes

Looking to read more about Luke Skywalker’s journey during his time in the rebellion? Then Skywalker Strikes is a series you may just want to take a look at! With fantastic art and a story that takes place just after the destruction of the first Death Star!

Captain Phasma

Perhaps you are more favoured to the dark side? Then you can read all about the New Orders very own Captain Phasma in her standalone graphic novel!

Star Wars Coding Projects

Or maybe you wish to mix you love of the Star Wars franchise with a desire to learn basic coding? In our catalogues, a book called Star Wars Coding Projects, you will find!

What’s your favourite Star Wars Story?

Last year during May the 4th we even had members of the Star Wars cast themselves share their joy of reading! Click this link to see Daisy Ridley (Rey) reading the wonderful “BB-8 on the run!”