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Reading books can be a great way to learn about equality and diversity.  We have put together a selection of books that celebrate Nottingham’s ethnically diverse communities  and empower children to talk about diversity, prejudice, racism and black history.

Special collections for  children and adults are available at Hyson Green, Radford, Bulwell Riverside and Southglade Park libraries.  Titles are also available from other libraries or can be requested through click and collect.

coming to england

Coming To England by Floella Benjamin

Follow ten-year-old Floella as she and her family set sail from the Caribbean to a new life in London. Alone on a huge ship for two weeks, then tumbled into a cold and unfriendly London, coming to England wasn’t at all what Floella had expected. What will her new school be like? Will she meet the Queen?

Filled with optimism and joy, yet deeply personal and relevant, young children will resonate with Floella’s experiences of moving home and making friends. Alongside vibrant illustrations by Diane Ewen, this powerful story shows little people how courage and determination can always overcome adversity.

how to be extraordinary

How To Be Extraordinary: real-life stories of extraordinary humans!

by Sirdeshpande, Rashmi

Could you be extraordinary?

This book will inspire you with the real-life stories of extraordinary people, showcasing a total variety of personalities and talents. Whoever you are, and whoever you want to be, read about the extraordinary stories of these 15 people, and decide how YOU will be extraordinary too!

little leaders men

Little Leaders: Exceptional men in black history by Harrison, Vashti

Learn all about the exceptional black men who broke barriers and fought injustice to realise their dreams and make the world a better place.  From aviators to artists, politicians to pop culture icons…. your own little leaders will be inspired to take on the world after hearing these remarkable true stories.

little leaders women

Little Leaders: Bold women in black history by Harrison, Vashti

Featuring 40 trailblazing black women from world history, this book educates and inspires as it relates true stories of women who broke boundaries and exceeded all expectations.

Debut author/illustrator Vashti Harrison pairs captivating text with stunning illustrations as she tells the stories of both iconic and lesser-known female figures of black history – from nurse Mary Seacole, to politician Diane Abbott, mathematician Katherine Johnson and singer Shirley Bassey.

what is race

What is race? Who are racists? Why does skin colour matter? And other big questions by Heuchan, Claire

Talk about race is often discouraged, but this title aims to bring everyone into the conversation.

Exploring the history of race and society and giving context to how racist attitudes come into being, the book looks at belonging and identity, the damaging effects of stereotyping and the benefits of positive representation.  The authors talk sensitively about how to identify and challenge racism, and how to protect against and stop racist behaviour.

young gifted

Young, Gifted And Black by Wilson, Jamia

Jamia Wilson brings together 52 icons of colour from the past and present and celebrates their inspirational achievements.

Meet figureheads, leaders and pioneers such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, as well as cultural trailblazers and sporting heroes, including Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams.  Strong, courageous, talented and diverse, these extraordinary men and women’s achievements will inspire a new generation to chase their dreams.

welcome to our world

Welcome To Our World: A celebration of children everywhere! by Butterfield, Moira

Children all over the world are very different, but they also have much in common.

In this beautifully illustrated book, young children can learn all about what people in other countries eat, wear and play, and how they speak and celebrate. From breakfasts to birthdays, cakes to clothes, and hiccups to hellos, there are so many ways to say and do things – but everyone shares a love of family, friends, food and fun. This delightful book teaches us that despite different languages, customs and traditions, it really is a small world, after all.

omari mcQ

Omari McQueen’s Best Bites Cookbook by McQueen, Omari

Be more vegan with the amazing Omari McQueen!  The 12 year old entrepreneur has already accomplished things people spend a lifetime trying to achieve.   CEO, award-winning chef and TV star, now he has released his first vegan cookbook with over 35 easy-to-make plant-based recipes from pizza to dips, snacks to smoothies. It’s full to the brim with deliciously natural treats to try.


Stars With Flaming Tails by Bloom, Valerie

Funny, thoughtful and perceptive, this richly varied poetry collection inspires curiosity and laughter but also a deep sense of wonder at the beauty and mystery of life.

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