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For Black History Month 2023 we have put together a brand new selection of children’s stories/information books that celebrate Nottingham’s ethnically diverse communities and empower children to talk about diversity, prejudice, racism and black history.  Sharing books can be a great way to learn about equality and diversity. 

Available to order free of charge online or at your local library.



The arrival of HMT Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks, Essex in 1948 was turned into a significant event by the British media but it is only one small part of a bigger story.

‘Windrush’ looks at the movement of people after the Second World War in Britain.

In an accessible and child-friendly way, the book explores the treatment of Black people, the struggles they faced and those they continue to face as well as celebrating the legacy of the Windrush generation in modern Britain.


The Power of Welcome

A powerful graphic novel exploring the struggle for survival of displaced people.

With true stories from Ukraine, Somalia, Bosnia, Syria and Afghanistan, this moving book collects important tales about the real journeys of people forced from their homes by conflict.


Recipes for Change by Michael Platt

From the Montgomery bus boycott to the Black Lives Matter movement, food has played a vital role in strengthening and shaping Black empowerment.

Join food justice advocate and baker Michael Platt on a stunning visual journey as he retells moving and authentic accounts of twelve months in Black history.

Featuring mouth-watering recipes and biographies of important figures, this book will inspire leaders of the future with real stories of trailblazers who helped change the world.

speak up

Speak Up by Nathan Bryon

Bookworm Rocket loves to collect new books on her weekly visit to the library, and to read all about inspirational figures like Rosa Parks. She is heartbroken when she discovers the library will be closing down!

Can she use what she’s learnt from Rosa and speak up to save the day?

anything tyrone

You Can Do Anything, Tyrone by Lenny Henry

Tyrone is going to build a brilliant rocket ship out of building blocks and go on an adventure to the moon!

There’s just one problem – the blocks won’t work, and Tyrone quickly loses his temper. Luckily, Grandad Cleveland is on hand to show him that with self belief, a bit of determination and a lot of imagination, there’s nothing Tyrone can’t do.

In fact, why stop at the moon when there’s the rest of the world and a whole universe to explore!

keep smiling

Keep Smiling by Floella Benjamin

Vina’s Mum has always told her that a smile is the best gift you can give someone. And as Vina loves smiling more than anything else, she gives the gift of her smile to anyone who needs it.

But on her first visit to her new school, Vina’s own smile gets a bit lost. She can’t find it under the slide, or on the climbing frame.

Then, a smile appears, in the most unexpected place!


Future Hero by Remi Blackwood

An exciting new fast-paced fantasy adventure featuring a young Black hero in an Afro-futurist fantasy world, Ulfrika.

time shine

Time to Shine at the River School by Sabine Adeyinka

Jummy’s life at this Nigerian girls’ school is busy: full of tasks and tricky decisions about who to trust.

She and her friends grab the opportunity to investigate the river disaster, sticking to the school rules as much as possible, and prove that school children should never be under-estimated.

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