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Event: PoGo Open Mic

Strelley Road Library

14 June 3.30pm – 5.00pm

Come celebrate the launch of POGO in Nottingham City Libraries with our Open Mic poetry event.

When: 14 June 3.30pm – 5.00pm

PoGo Open Mic!

14 June 3.30pm – 5.00pm

Strelley Road Library

To celebrate the launch of the PoGo content on our screens during the poetry festival, Nottingham Libraries are aiming to host their very own open mic night for all poets to come forward and perform!

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Exhibition: Connect Culture | POGO

Location: St Anns’ Valley Library and Strelley Road Library

Date: 7 June – 10 June

We are happy to present the POGO, A project to create an Augmented Reality poetry app, promoting poetry to young people across Europe. The app has been adapted and we will be exhibiting POGO at Strelley Road Library and St Anns’ Valley Library between 7 june – 10 June.


POGO Project

Pogo is a project that involved the creative use of Augmented reality, utilised on a phone app to help promote poetry to young people across Europe. Lead by City Arts, the project formed a collaboration between six organisations, bringing together six Nottingham poets, as well as six from partner countries and putting their poems into playable videos on the app itself.

This has since been reimagined and brought into libraries via the Connect Culture project, enabling these poems to come to life on our interactive screens in the library space.

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Nottingham Poetry Festival

Back again in 2024, this year Nottingham Poetry Festival plans to bring 10 days of spectacular performances, open mics, workshops, panels and community events in a wide variety of locations.

Whether you wish to take part in the events or just want to get in on some of the fun, the festival is ongoing from Friday 7 June, up till Sunday 16 June.