FAQs to help you use our new eMagazines service

Libby from OverDrive has taken over RBdigital, find out all you need to know below.


If you had problems setting up your Libby account to access eMagazines the technical issues have now been resolved.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

RBdigital, our current supplier of our eMagazines, has been taken over by OverDrive, which is a world leading provider of eBooks, eMagazines and other eResources.

Yes, but only until the end of March 2021. You will then need to have switched to Libby to continue to enjoy reading eMagazines.

This will happen towards the end of March. Messages will appear in the RBdigital app and on both their website as well as the Library website to let you know about the switch over to Libby.

Our eMagazines collection moved to Libby on Wednesday 3 March. Until the end of March, the two services will run side by side to allow customers to make the switch to Libby.

We will share messages sent by RBdigital to tell you when you need to switch to Libby for eMagazines on our website.

Any items on loan at the time of the changeover will remain available until the end of March.

Checkout history will not be moved to Libby. You can, however, mark titles you have already read using Tags in Libby.

Yes, but it’s quick and easy to do. You will just need your library card number and PIN/Password.

If you need help with your membership details then please Contact Us

Or if you are not a member, you can join online 

Unfortunately, Libby and OverDrive are not available for Kindle eReaders as they do not allow library lending.

On Kindle Fire, Libby is currently not available but you can use the original OverDrive app instead to access eMagazines.

If you have a current email address on your library membership you can reset the PIN 24/7 via the online catalogue. (A link will be sent to your email, please check junk if you do not receive one or then Contact Us)

If you do not have an email address on your membership please contact us with your card number, name, address and DoB (used to verify your identity) and we can help you to reset your PIN. Contact Us.

If you have an older card or have lost yours since you registered with RBdigital and been given a new one, the system may not recognise the new number. Please contact us.

The first time set up is easy, download the Libby app or go to

Select Yes to the question ‘Do you have a library card?’, tap ‘I’ll search for a library’, type in Nottingham and choose Nottingham City Libraries.

Enter your Library card number and PIN/Password on the next screen. Click on Sign-in, then Next – you are now all set to enjoy over 3,000 eMagazines.

No, you won’t have to log in each time. You will need to do this one-time set up, then you can choose to stay logged in on your device.

In Libby you’ll have access to over 3,000 magazines. There are no checkout limits, so you will be able to borrow as many titles as you like.

You can borrow magazines for 21 days, after which they will be automatically returned. You can return them early if you’ve finished with them, or renew them if you want a bit longer.

Most of our current titles will transfer to OverDrive. The magazine collection will be much larger with over 3,000 UK and worldwide titles!

No unfortunately, not at the moment, but OverDrive are working to provide this function.

Yes, there will be 3 years’ worth of back issues, including for titles we don’t subscribe to at present.

Once our magazines have moved to Libby and you still aren’t able to use the Libby app or you can access eMagazines on the original OverDrive app instead. This alternative has the same titles as Libby but offers different device compatibility.

Once our magazines move to Libby, you’ll still be able to access any older issues you borrowed through RBdigital by visiting the ZINIO app or website and registering a new ZINIO account using the same email address you used with RBdigital.

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