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This month we are highlighting some of the best  reads that you can borrow on BorrowBox.  

The other woman

The Other Woman, Sandie Jones, available in eBook and eAudio

The Other Woman is a gripping psychological thriller.  A compulsive, superbly plotted, claustrophobic read; that is all too believable!  It is also fun and fiendishly clever with a twist you will not see coming.

When Emily meets Adam she knows he is the One and that together they can deal with anything that is thrown at them.  But lurking in the shadows is another woman, Pammie.

Emily chose Adam, but she didn’t choose his mother.  There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her son, and now Emily is about to find out just how far Pammie will go to get what she wants . . .

Lie down with lions

Lie Down With Lions, Ken Follet, available in eBook and eAudio

Lie Down With Lions is an exciting tale of suspense and deceit.

When Jane is caught in a deadly love triangle between rival spies Ellis and Jean-Pierre, she becomes entangled in a web of lust, hatred and deception, which sweeps all three of them from terrorist conspiracies in Paris to all-out guerrilla warfare in Afghanistan.

Jean-Pierre and Jane marry, and go to work as doctors in the Valley of the Five Lions to help the rebels fighting for their freedom against the Russians. Confronted by extreme violence and danger, Jane desperately tries to get out of the line of fire. Then help comes, unexpectedly, in the form of her husband’s greatest enemy . . .

Children of blood and bone

Children of Blood and Bones, Tomi Adeyemi, available in eBook and eAudio

This is the first story in a gripping trilogy; a fierce and unflinching saga of divided love, belief and legacy.  This book ripples with magic and a tale that will haunt a reader long after the final page!

Zélie Adebola remembers when  the soil of Orïsha hummed with magic that could turn tides, light darkness and her Reaper mother summoned forth souls. Now the magic is gone. So one girl must bring it  and strike against the monarchy.

As Zélie journeys across Orïsha, she discovers a land full of unforeseen dangers: snow leoponaires, and vengeful spirits waiting in the waters.  With the help of a rogue princess, Zélie must outwit and outrun threat of the crown prince, who will stop at nothing to rid the land of enchantment once and for all.

Yet the greatest danger may be Zélie herself as she struggles to control her powers and her growing feelings for an enemy.

The boy who flew with dragons

The Boy Who Flew With Dragons, Andy Shepherd, available in eBook and eAudio

Dragons, mischief and mayhem abound in this wonderful third story in the Boy Who Grew Dragons series. An irresistible modern classic that is warm-hearted, expressive and characterful.

Tomas can’t imagine life without his little dragon Flicker. He’s become more than a pet – he’s a friend like no other. And growing dragons on the dragonfruit tree in the garden with his friends Ted, Kat and Kai is the most amazing thing ever.

But Tomas has promised Grandad something – that he and his friends will let their dragons go back to where they belong. The only problem is – that isn’t such an easy thing to do. Not when they are still having so much fun with dragons Flicker, Sunny, Crystal and Dodger. Not when they still have to work out where the dragons’ home is, and how to get the dragons to leave. And not when Tomas is so close to uncovering the true story of the mysterious dragonfruit tree …

The House on Riverton

The House at Riverton, Kate Morton, available in eAudio

A rich and engrossing debut novel of love, passion, secrets and lies.  A thrilling mystery and a compelling love story, The House at Riverton will appeal to readers of Ian McEwan’s Atonement, L.P. Hartley’s The Go-Between, and lovers of the film Gosford Park.

Summer 1924: On the eve of a glittering Society party, by the lake of a grand English country house, a young poet takes his life. The only witnesses, sisters Hannah and Emmeline Hartford, will never speak to each other again.

Winter 1999: Grace Bradley, 98, one-time housemaid of Riverton Manor, is visited by a young director making a film about the poet’s suicide. Ghosts awaken and memories, long-consigned to the dark reaches of Grace’s mind, begin to sneak back through the cracks. A shocking secret threatens to emerge; something history has forgotten but Grace never could.

Echo burning

Echo Burning, Lee Child, available in eAudio

Another heart-stopper from the #1 bestselling series, starring Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher, adrift in the hellish heat of a Texas summer, looking for a lift through the vast empty landscape.

A woman stops, and offers a ride. She is young, rich and beautiful.  But her husband’s in jail. When he comes out, he’s going to kill her.  Her family’s hostile, she can’t trust the cops and the lawyers won’t help. She is entangled in a web of lies and prejudice, hatred and murder.

Jack Reacher never could resist a lady in distress.

Nice work

Nice Work, Celia Imrie, available in eAudio

Witty and enchanting, the second novel from the well-loved actress and Sunday Times bestselling author of ‘Not Quite Nice’ follows the hilarious exploits of retired expats in the South of France…

Somewhere on the French Riviera, tucked between glitzy Monte Carlo and Cannes’ red-carpets, lies the sleepy town of Bellevue-Sur-Mer. Sheltered from the glittering melee, it is home to many an expat – although it hasn’t proved as peaceful as expected. Now an enterprising band of retirees has resolved to show it’s never too late to start afresh, and open a restaurant.

As the razzmatazz of Cannes Film Festival penetrates Bellevue-Sur-Mer, its inhabitants become entangled in a complex pattern of love triangles and conflicting business interests, and something starts to feel distinctly oeuf. Finding themselves knee-deep in suspicion and skulduggery, the restaurateurs realise they can no longer tell who’s nasty … and who’s nice.

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