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Motivation, Action, and Consequences

When people carry out actions in real life, they sometimes forget – or ignore – that the things they do will affect other people. That’s the same in story writing, so we will look at why people do the things they do, and what can happen.

When: 29 June

Nottingham Central Library are proud to partner with the Society of Authors on this series of workshops and talks for 2024. From writing witchcraft, world building, crime writing, to children’s storytimes, we have something for everyone.

Society of Authors presents: Jae Malone

Workshop: Motivation, Action, and Consequences

  • Saturday 29 June, 11am to 12.30pm
  • Genre: Storybuilding
  • For audience: 16+ years
  • Ticket Price: £5

In story writing, your main character will carry out an action that is going to affect the other characters. This is just like real life. All actions have reactions. However, as the writer, do you always think beyond the action itself? Do you know what the consequences of that action are going to be for everyone involved?  Writers sometimes forget how far-reaching an action can be, and they move the story on, leaving issues in the narrative hanging. Let’s look at some examples of  motivation, action and consequences.