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More ways to practice your English online

If you want to do more or if you missed a session this time, don’t worry! There are plenty of online resources available to help you. Just click on each heading below to find the links and explore more:

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Listening skills

Listening is important because it helps you understand the language better and improves your pronunciation.  Here you will discover activities to practice and improve your listening skills.

Each lesson here has three parts: a preparation task, an audio recording, and two tasks to check your understanding and practice different listening skills. Make sure to complete each task to become a better listener and learner!

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Reading skills

Reading is a great way to understand the language better and expand your vocabulary.  Here, you will discover fun activities to practice your reading skills.

Each lesson has three parts: a preparation task, a reading text, and two tasks to check your understanding and practice different reading skills. By completing these tasks, you’ll become an even better reader and language learner.

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Writing skills

Writing is a great way to express yourself and become a better communicator.  This is the perfect place to have fun and practice your writing skills.

In each lesson, you will find activities to help you improve your writing starting with a preparation task to get you ready. Then, you will see a model text with writing tips. These texts will show you how to structure your writing effectively. Finally, there are three tasks to check your understanding and practice different writing skills.

By completing these activities, you’ll become a more confident writer and learn new ways to express your thoughts.

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Speaking skills

Speaking is a great way to communicate and express yourself confidently.

Here, you will find activities that will help you become a better speaker. You can watch and listen to videos that show how English is used in various types of conversations. By listening carefully and speaking aloud, your pronunciation will improve.

So, get ready to watch, listen, and speak! Enjoy the activities and see how your speaking skills grow.

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Local organisations to explore

BEGIN: Offers free, impartial, advice for adults about ‘Basic Skills’: English, Maths, and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). They also support organisations who want up-to-date information on Basic Skills (also known as Functional Skills).

Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum: They help and support refugees and asylum seekers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.  They offer practical advice, information, and friendship to those who need it.  They also work to raise awareness about the challenges this group face and campaign for their rights.

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Language eBooks you can borrow

We have a collection of eBooks that can assist you in developing your communication abilities and English language skills.

They provide practical advice, tips, and helpful information to help you improve your English communication skills. Explore them and enhance your language skills in a fun and engaging way!

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