Local Data Online

Local Data Online has a team that are on the ground daily, physically examining every retail location across the UK to capture
an accurate and dynamic picture of the UK high street. Historic analysis, present and future forecasts can be taken from this data, enabling businesses to make better strategic decisions.

Track brand locations, analyse store portfolios, identify new locations, understand your market and identify investment opportunities and risk.

Accessing Local Data Online Free through Libraries

A member of the BIPC team can provide recommendations for using Local Data Online. Our Advisors are trained to support and assist in using the Local Data online database. Contact the BIPC team at bipc@nottinghamcity.gov.uk to discuss your business.

Getting around Local Data Online

View key statistics by searching for Geographies or Companies in the Local Data Online portal.

Detailed Classifications will give further insights if you want to view a particular business type.

Local Data Online webpage

Viewing, Downloading and Printing

Users may print/download screenshots for personal use but may not:

  • Publish or make public any of the data
  • Use for commercial purposes e.g. to provide services to 3rd parties
  • Utilise as part of their products or services as above, the data should only be used to support internal or academic research
  • Download the data in its entirety or in large quantities

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