picture of author with a book in hand

Living Witchcraft

“Living Witchcraft” gives a genuine look into modern witchcraft.

When: Saturday 3 August

Nottingham Central Library are proud to partner with the Society of Authors on this series of workshops and talks for 2024. From writing witchcraft, world building, crime writing, to children’s storytimes, we have something for everyone.

Society of Authors Presents: Moira Hodgkinson

Talk: Living Witchcraft

  • Saturday 3 August, 11am to 12.30pm
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Audience: 18+
  • Ticket Price: £5

Living Witchcraft blends intuitive magic, rituals and spell casting with everyday life in this honest account of what today’s witches really do: it’s not all wand waving and pointy hats, so if you’ve not had your Hogwarts letter yet, come along and find out more from a practicing witch.