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January New Reads

With the new year comes new library stock!


Mercy, by David Baldacci

FBI Agent Atlee Pine is at the end of her long journey to discover what happened to her twin sister, Mercy, who was abducted when the girls were just six years old – an incident which destroyed her family and left Atlee physically and mentally scarred. She knew her sister and parents were out there somewhere. And she had to find them. Dead or alive. Atlee and her assistant, Carol Blum, discover the truth.

But the truth hurts…

And hurt makes you tough. So how tough do you have to be to forgive? As they uncover a shocking trail of lies, greed, fear and revenge, they must face one final challenge.

The wicked sister

The Wicked Sister, by Karen Dionne

You have been cut off from society for 15 years, shut away in a mental hospital in self-imposed exile as punishment for the terrible thing you did when you were a child. But what if nothing about your past is as it seems? And if you didn’t accidentally shoot and kill your mother, then whoever did is still out there – waiting for you. For a decade and a half, Rachel Cunningham has chosen to lock herself away in a psychiatric facility, tortured by gaps in her memory and the certainty that she is responsible for her parents’ deaths.

But when she learns new details about their murders, Rachel returns, in a quest for answers, to the place where she once felt safest: her family’s sprawling log cabin in the remote forests of Michigan.

Coming home 2

Coming Home to the Four Streets, by Nadine Dorries

Summer is coming to the four streets – but so is trouble, especially for its redoubtable women, who’ve struggled through a bitter winter to put food on the table. The Dock Queen Carnival is only weeks away, but there’s no money for the usual celebrations. No sign of a tramp ship with illicit cargo to be quietly siphoned off by the dockers. Peggy Nolan, with seven boys and a husband too lazy to work, has hit rick bottom and is hiding a terrible secret.

Little Paddy, her mischievous eldest, is all too often in trouble, but he’d do anything for the mother he loves. How can he save her from selling herself on the streets – or worse? Maura and Tommy Doherty always looked out for any neighbour in trouble, especially Peggy, but they’re far away, running a pub in Ireland and corrupt copper, Frank the Skank, is moving into their old house on the four streets.

Can anything bring them home in time?

Mystery in the making

Mystery in the Making, by Ann Granger

Throughout her distinguished career, Ann Granger has penned an array of hugely entertaining and gripping short stories. To mark her 30th anniversary as a crime writers, 18 of these compelling mysteries have been brought together to delight and enthral crime fans everywhere.

From a nosy neighbour who trusts no one to a jealous nephew protecting his inheritance, and from a ghostly apparition on a cruise ship to an Oxford undergraduate who cannot escape his past, Ann’s short stories transport readers from the Highlands of Scotland to the rugged coast of Cornwall and from the Victorian era to the present day. In each story there is an intriguing mystery to captivate the most avid crime fan, making this a collection to treasure.

Truth seekers

The Truth Seekers Wife, By Ann Granger

It is spring 1871 when Lizzie Ross accompanies her formidable Aunt Parry on a restorative trip to the south coast. Lizzie’s husband, Ben, is kept busy as Scotland Yard and urges his wife to stay out of harm’s way.

But when Lizzie and her aunt are invited to dine with other guests at the home of wealthy landowner Sir Henry Meager, and he is found shot dead in his bed the next morning, no one feels safe. On Lizzie’s last visit to the New Forest, another gruesome murder took place, and the superstitious locals now see her as a bad omen. But Lizzie suspects that Sir Henry had a number of bitter enemies, many of whom might have wanted him dead. And once Ben arrives to help with the investigation, he and Lizzie must work together to expose Sir Henry’s darkest secrets and a ruthless killer intent on revenge.

The story

The Story, by Victoria Hislop

Witty, heartbreaking, shocking, satirical: the short story can excite or sadden, entice or repulse.

The one thing it can never be is dull.

Now Victoria Hislop has collected 100 stories from her favourite women writers into one volume. Here are Man Booker Prize-winners and Nobel Laureates, feminists and famous wits, national treasures and rising stars, all handpicked by one of the nation’s best-loved novelists.

Saying Goodbye to Tuesday

Saying Goodbye to Tuesday, by Chrissie Manby

Stupdendo knows a lot of things. He knows his life with Tuesday and baby William is the best he could dream of. He knows the most efficient way to sneak extra food from the kitchen table, and the noisiest method to keep next-doors cat, Caligula, out of his garden.

Despite the occasional shambles in the humans’ lives around him, Stupendo knows that he’s a very lucky dog. But what Stupendo doesn’t know is that last week he was killed by a car outside his home. And no one knows why Stupendo has remained behind on earth, invisible to humans, yet unable to move on. Slowly coming to terms with his recent death, Stupendo realises it’s never too late to learn some new truths – like why so many of the humans in his neighbourhood aren’t as happy as they could be.

Crusaders Cross

The Crusaders Cross, by Scott Mariani

It’s a snowy, peaceful Christmas at Le Val, the rural haven that is home to ex-SAS soldier Ben Hope and his associates. With most of the team away for the festive holiday, Ben, recovering from an accident, is one of the skeleton crew guarding the compound. That’s when a ruthless Corsician crime gang, knowing that Ben is injured and out of action, target the location for a violent raid.

With help from his faithful canine companion, Storm, Ben thrawts the attack – but not before the raiders claim several victims among his best friends. Now he must embark on a personal revenge mission to catch the sole remaining killer, the psychopathic Petru Navarro. Ben’s quest takes him across France into the lawless gangland of Corsica, his only real lead a priceless historic gold cross that is now on Navarro’s hands. If Ben can find it, he’ll find his enemy. But taking down this murderous psycho is another matter entirely.

Shadows of men

The Shadows of Men, by Abir Mukherjee

Calcutta, 1923 when a Hindu theologian is found murdered in his home, the city is on the brink of all-out religious war. Can officers of the Imperial Police Force, Captain Sam Wyndham and Sergeant Surendranath Banerjee track down those responsible in time to stop a bloodbath?

Shadow at the door

The Shadow at the Door, by Tim Weaver

It’s a night just like any other in the Conister home – but then Paul heads upstairs and never comes back. When his wife Maggie goes to see where he is, she can’t find him. His phone and wallet are by the bed. The windows are locked from the inside. Paul has vanished.

Missing persons investigator David Raker is an expert in locating the lost. So when he’s hired by Maggie, he knows that in every dissapearance – however impossible it seems – there’s an answer. What he doesn’t know yet is that his search for Paul Conister will become linked to three other mysteries.

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