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Lying in state – Holographic Byron

An interactive experience where Byron is the star of the show

When: Friday 26 July-Monday 5 Aug
Portrait of Byron

In July 1824, Byron’s body travelled from Missolonghi in Greece, to London and then to his final resting place in St Mary Magdalene Church in Hucknall. On this journey, his body laid in state in Nottingham so people could pay their respects.

In homage to this event, Lying in State: Holographic Byron, an immersive and interactive installation, allows the audience to see and engage with a hologram of Byron and ask ‘him’ questions, hear poetry, and more. Using cutting-edge technology the virtual reality experience, developed by the Virtual and Immersive Production (VIP) Studio, is free to access at Nottingham Central Library from 26 July to 5 August.

This experience will take place in our Immersive Room on the ground floor at Nottingham Central Library.

This event is free – booking not required.