Joanna Wyntor


Joanna Wynter is the founder of Positive Attitude and Education CIC. Her Positive Parent Training Programme supports parents to keep their children and young adults in education and away from gang culture, as well as supporting them through domestic abuse and violence.

This can be a lonely and stressful time for parents, especially after primary school as there can be less parent-to-parent connections, interactions and support.

“As parents, you don’t have a book to tell you if you’re doing it right or wrong. Positive Attitude and Education is for this – to bring parents back together. It’s not so much as to tell parents what to do, but to bring them together and make positives out of negatives.”

The Positive Parent Training programme covers a wide range of subjects from drug awareness and how to notice grooming to finding further support for children and parents. This support stems from Joanna’s own lived experience with gang culture and her children.

“Initially, I thought starting the business and programme was going to be easy, but I soon realised it’s a lot to run a business: the complications, the importance of paperwork, legalities and business plans… It was all new to me, and I needed to find support through the process.”

After 5 years of using various free business support and training, she was recommended to the Business & IP Centre Nottinghamshire (BIPC) through another business owner who had also engaged with the BIPC Advisors in Bulwell Riverside Library. Joanna was able to meet face-to-face with an Advisor, who supported her with bolstering her confidence to run her business and hold meetings. Alongside this personal support, Joanna also made use of the free resources and webinars via the BIPC Nottinghamshire website on topics such as bookkeeping software and business planning.

“I tell everyone to use BIPC services now. I’ve tried many different services and sought advice from different people, and BIPC has everything in one place. It would’ve saved me so much time if I had started there in the first place. The instant support and communication are so valuable, and the breadth of the support is incredible; from one-to-one advice, to building websites.”

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Joanna’s proudest moment?

“Many people ask why my proudest moment isn’t when I won my award, but to me, the proudest moments in my business is every time I make someone happy or support a family. Nothing compares to the rewarding aspect of that outcome and knowing that I’ve changed someone’s day.”

Her advice to aspiring business owners:

“It’s not as easy as you think it is but it’s not as hard as you think either. It’s like riding a bike. Try something for 6 weeks, if you don’t like it, try something else. It’s all about learning something new and if you don’t know it, there’s someone out there who can help, like BIPC.”

Outside of her business, Joanna can be found:

“My lifestyle is so busy, I don’t really have spare time! But when I’m not working I’ll be with my family. I have four kids so that’s who I spend my spare time with, but I love it!”

And her Most impactful book:

“‘Me to You’ is my most impactful book. It’s the only book that’s made me cry; it was nothing like I expected it to be. It taught me that no matter how hard life is, you can always make it better.”

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