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Give Digital Reading A Go!

Nottingham City Libraries are working in partnership with Nottingham University Hospitals, to promote our digital library services to patients – this includes letting patients know about our digital offers and enabling you to enjoy thousands of eBooks, audiobooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers on your phone, tablet or laptop.

During your hospital stay you will hear about the service via hospital radio adverts, played every couple of hours every day, posters and bookmarks, a WiFi log-in prompt, social media and a plasma screen advert.

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Reasons to access our digital library during your hospital stay

  • Reading can be a mood booster and can have a positive impact on your mental health.
  • You can sometimes feel lonely in hospital (especially with visitor restrictions), and  through reading newspapers you can stay connected to the world and reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Audio books bring the joy of a good story to all regardless of ability to read.
  • Loves your mags? Buying a few magazines each week can really add up and we are all watching our money these days. From celebrity gossip, sport, soaps, nature, and more –  we have you covered with our eMags offer.
  • Reading on your own electronic device reduces the need for people to go the shops unnecessarily and also reduces the amount of paper in the hospital and this can help with infection control.

So what are you waiting for….


Get Borrowing with BorrowBox

An eBook is one that you can download and then read on your own device such as a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or iPad.

With BorrowBox you can browse a huge selection of fiction and non-fiction.  There is also a handy App  that makes it easy to browse, listen and read your library books wherever you are.

Select up to 10 eBooks at a time free, which will then be available for 21 days, after which they will automatically expire.  You can renew an eBook twice to get more time.

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Try a talking book!

An eAudio book is a digital recording of someone reading the book. You can listen to it on your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or iPad.

  • With uLIBRARY you can select, download and loan up to 10 titles for a maximum of three weeks, which can be renewed if you need more time. If you want a partuclar title you can reservce up to 5 titles free of charge.
  • With BorrowBox you can select up to 5 eAudio free from the library catologue. Once downloaded eAudio will be available for a maximum of 21 days after which they will automatically expire. Items can be renewed twice if need be. Titles can be reserved for free and count as one of your 5 items.
New emags available now

Love your Mags?

An eMagazine is a magazine you can read on your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or iPad.

If you are tired of reading the same 2 magazines 5 times over then you need Libby in your life! With Libby you checkout and read an unlimited number of eMagazines without even leaving your bed!

Genres include Home and Garden | Sport | Culture and Lifestyle | Celebrity Gossip | Tech and Gaming | Travel and Outdoors | Crafts | Fashion and more.

Keep up to date with today’s edition or catch up on old news

With PressReader you can explore a digital newsstand featuring 3000+ of the world’s most popular newspapers & magazines. Easy search tools help you quickly sort through to the pieces you’re  looking for. With publications from over 120 countries in more than 60 different languages, you get instant access to content from home, and from around the world.

NUH have produced this handy PDF guide as to how to access each resource: NCC – Acessing eResources Guide

If you have a hospital stay coming up, it is worth joining and downloading your eBooks before your hospital visit so you have everything ready to go!

If you need any guidance, pop into one of our libraries and ask a member of staff for help.


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