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Lemon by Kwon Yeo-sun.

Focusing on the unsolved murder of teenage girl, this literary crime novel offers insights into gender, class and privilege in Seoul, and marks the English-language debut for award-winning Korean author, Kwon Yeo-sun.

Under the Rainbow by Celia Laskey

When outsiders on a mission arrive to change a small town’s attitudes, residents and newcomers alike end up transformed.

My Monticello by JN Johnson

Families, friends, and strangers flee for their lives in an abandoned bus, taking refuge in Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s historic plantation home in the hills above town. Over nineteen heart-stopping days the group find ways to care for and sustain one another as the world burns beneath them. Told by Da’Naisha Love, a young Black descendant of Jefferson and Sally Hemings, ‘My Monticello’ is a searing indictment of racism past and present, and a powerful vision of resistance, hope, and love.


We Are Not Like Them by C Pride and J Piazza

Not every story is black and white. Riley and Jen have been best friends since they were children, and they thought their bond was unbreakable. It never mattered to them that Riley is black and Jen is white. And then Jen’s husband, a Philadelphia police officer, is involved in the shooting of an unarmed black teenager and everything changes in an instant. This one act could destroy more than just Riley and Jen’s friendship. As their community takes sides, so must Jen and Riley, and for the first time in their lives the lifelong friends find themselves on opposing sides. But can anyone win a fight like this?

Mutually intrigued by each other, the two women agree to collaborate on a project, with Cesca interviewing Elena for her memoirs. As summer unfurls, Elena tells her sensational stories, leaving Cesca in her thrall. But when a priceless diamond ring found in an ancient tunnel below the city streets is ascribed to Elena, Cesca begins to suspect a shocking secret at the heart of Elena’s life.

Blindsided by Trice Hickman

Formerly single, D.C. businesswoman Bernadette Gibson is amazed at what a difference a year makes. Now in a committed relationship with a man who cherishes her, the practical fifty-something is thrilled with the laid-back peace and promise of her new southern small-town life. But when she discovers she’s pregnant, complications she never saw coming will cause her to question everything.

You Exist Too Much by Zaina Arafat

Told in vignettes that flash between the US and the Middle East, Zaina Arafat’s powerful debut novel traces her protagonist’s progress from blushing teen to creative and confused adulthood.

Keisha the Sket by Jade Lb

Keisha is a girl from the ends, sharp, feisty and ambitious; she’s been labelled ‘top sket’ but she’s making it work. When childhood crush and long-time admirer, Ricardo, finally wins her over, Keisha has it all: power, a love life and the chance for stability. But trauma comes knocking and with it a whirlwind of choices that will define what kind of a woman she truly wants to be.


The Teller of Secrets by Bisi Adjapon

Young Esi Agyekum is the unofficial ‘secret keeper’ of her family, as tight-lipped about her father’s adultery as she is about her half-sisters’ sex lives. But after she is humiliated and punished for her own sexual exploration, Esi begins to question why women’s secrets and men’s secrets bear different consequences. It is the beginning of a journey of discovery that will lead her to unexpected places. As she navigates her burgeoning womanhood, Esi tries to reconcile her own ideals and dreams with her family’s complicated past and troubled present, as well as society’s many double standards that limit her and other women. Against a fraught political climate, Esi fights to carve out her own identity, and learns to manifest her power in surprising and inspiring ways.

His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie

Afi Tekple is a young seamstress in Ghana. She is smart; she is pretty; and she has been convinced by her mother to marry a man she does not know. Afi knows who he is, of course – Elikem is a wealthy businessman whose mother has chosen Afi in the hopes that she will distract him from his relationship with a woman his family claims is inappropriate. But Afi is not prepared for the shift her life takes when she is moved from her small hometown of Ho to live in Accra, Ghana’s gleaming capital, a place of wealth and sophistication where she has days of nothing to do but cook meals for a man who may or may not show up to eat them.

The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams

Britta is excited for the chance to finally prove herself at work when she’s asked to write about a hot new body-positive fitness app that includes personal training. When her training sessions with Wes begin, the pair click immediately. He may be the app’s CEO but despite his professional success, his personal life is in disarray and he’s enjoying his return to what he really loves – coaching. As the weeks pass, Britta can’t believe how much she’s enjoying trying new things and finding her strength – and perhaps her perfect match? The longer she spends with Wes the harder it is to deny their chemistry and maintain a professional distance. Walking away from each other may be the smart choice – but for Wes and Britta, falling never felt so good.


Rise by Maliha Abidi

An inspirational celebration of women of colour from around the world who have achieved extraordinary things. From the woman who built the first university in the world to the Emirate’s leading racing driver, these stories will awe and empower the next generation.

Care Free Black Girls by Zeba Blay

In 2013, film and culture critic Zeba Blay was one of the first people to coin the viral term carefreeblackgirls on Twitter. As she says, it was ‘a way to carve out a space of celebration and freedom for Black women online’. In this collection of essays, Blay expands on this initial idea by delving into the work and lasting achievements of influential Black women in American culture – writers, artists, actresses, dancers, hip-hop stars – whose contributions often come in the face of bigotry, misogyny, and stereotypes. Blay celebrates the strength and fortitude of these Black women, while also examining the many stereotypes and rigid identities that have clung to them. In writing that is both luminous and sharp, expansive and intimate, ‘Carefree Black Girls’ seeks a path forward to a culture and society in which Black women and their art are appreciated and celebrated.

Black British Lives Matter  Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder

In response to the international outcry at George Floyd’s death, Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder have commissioned this collection of essays to discuss how and why we need to fight for Black lives to matter – not just for Black people but for society as a whole. Recognising Black British experience within the Black Lives Matter movement, seventeen prominent Black figures explain why Black lives should be celebrated when too often they are undervalued. Drawing from personal experience, they stress how Black British people have unique perspectives and experiences that enrich British society and the world; how Black lives are far more interesting and important than the forces that try to limit it.


Rice and Peas and Fish and Chips By Pauline Campbell

Pauline Campbell was brought up on rice and peas and fish and chips after her parents crossed thousands of miles, leaving the warm shores of the Caribbean, to settle in Britain. In this book Pauline will take the reader on a journey into where her generation has been. A generation of people who at their birth had no idea that the subsequent political events that were taking place throughout their young and adult lives would lead to a tsunami of inequality. It would have a rippling effect on not just them, but the generations that followed, as they along with other immigrants would become pawns in a horrifying game used to secure votes for Labour, Conservatives and right wing groups. They would be denied the very equality any human should have regardless of the color of their skin.

Queerstory illustrated by Rebecca Strickson

‘Queerstory’ is an accessible and fully-illustrated introduction to the history of the LGBTQ+ movement. Divided into three sections, the book features theme-specific timelines, facts, info graphics and key pioneers charting the development of the fight for LGBTQ+ rights from the 1930s to the present day. The perfect introduction to modern queer culture, the book tells a visual story through the key dates, events, quotes and facts in the fight for equality. It’s easy to dip in and out of, and sure to provide a jolt of empowerment to the next generation.

The Lick of Love by Julian Clary

This volume takes us on a tour of Julian’s colourful life – and wherever life has taken him, Julian has had a dog by his side. Fanny the Wonder Dog, who came into Julian’s life when he was somewhat adrift, propelled him up the ranks of the alternative comedy circuit and onto television. Valerie, the whippet cross-breed escorted Julian through his forties, the Germaine Greer to his Bernard Manning. Albert, a jaunty geezer type who was sent to acclimatize Julian to middle age and helped him seduce his now husband, before being joined by naughty but nice Gigi, an unpredictable fur bullet of a dog. These canine characters have been there, bearing witness, on and off stage.

Coming up for air by Tom Daley

With his unforgettable medal-winning performance in the 2012 London Olympics, double world champion Tom Daley captured the heart of the nation. This year’s Games in Tokyo will be his fourth, and Tom is embarking on them with a renewed sense of perspective about what matters in life. Over the years, we have watched Tom go from strength to strength professionally, gathering record-breaking achievements and countless awards along the way. But we have also seen him grow into the man he’s become today: a husband, a father and a role model. In this book, Tom explores the moments and experiences that have shaped him. With each chapter, he reveals a lesson learned along the way, from the resilience he developed competing at world-class level, to the courage he discovered while reclaiming the narrative around his sexuality, and the perspective that family life has brought him.

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Black Lives

Black Lives is the Nottingham Writers Studio collection of stories where ethnic minorities take the major roles. Written by a diverse range of 27 authors from around the globe their tales cross all genres while tackling issues of race, colourism and identity.