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20 March

Elevate Your Digital Presence

Elevate Your Digital Presence: Join us for a ground-breaking webinar series that will revolutionize your digital presence. Hosted by ChampagneWebs, these insightful sessions are designed to guide you through the essentials of boosting your online impact.
Shopping Trolley full of fruit and veg alongside a piggy bank saving jar.

Living well on a budget

As energy costs rise this winter, money is at a premium for a lot of people. With that in mind we’ve bought a collection of books for each library, supported by ward councillors, to help you make the most of the money you have, cook tasty meals at low cost, grow your own fruit and veg, repair and reuse, and live more sustainably too. Look out for the Living Well on a Budget display in your local library or click the links below to reserve a copy and we’ll let you know when it’s available to collect!
Hobby to Business
Jan - Feb 2024

Hobby to Business programme

Have you discovered something you love to do and wondered if it has the potential to grow and support you financially? But how can we take a hobby and turn it into a business? BIPC's Hobby to Business covers a series of start-up workshops designed to help you make sense of the entrepreneurial journey ahead.
Sam breaze

Access to market research from BIPC Nottinghamshire saved small business Breaze Health £50,000

Often business ideas start close to home. An allergy problem affecting her son sparked Sam to explore and experiment with natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory products to find a solution that worked. Four years later and Sam’s successful, small business Breaze Health is looking for investment to take the next stage of business growth. Read on for our interview with Sam and how BIPC Nottinghamshire helped with access to resources.

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