Who’d Be a Copper?

Jonathan shares  interesting stories of his time in the police and his more recent books on aviation.

When: Saturday 6 July

Nottingham Central Library are proud to partner with the Society of Authors on this series of workshops and talks for 2024. From writing witchcraft, world building, crime writing, to children’s storytimes, we have something for everyone.

Society of Authors presents: Jonathan Nicholas

Talk: ‘Who’d Be a Copper?’ and other titles

  • Saturday 6 July, 1:30am to 3pm.
  • Genre: Biographical – Audience: 18+
  • Ticket Price: £5

Jonathan’s experiences as a police offer are told in ‘Who’d be a Copper?’ and ‘Hospital Beat’ have always made for fascinating talks. But he also had two fairly recent books about aeroplanes and WW2, ‘Kittyhawk Down’ and ‘Vermisst’. 

Jonathan received several commendations during his thirty years as a police officer culminating in 2007 when he won the coveted Community Police Officer of the Year Award.

He wrote a regular column in the national UK police magazine Police Review, where his professional writing began.

He has a lot of interesting stories to tell about his time in the police, as you can imagine, and they are detailed in his book ‘Who’d be a Copper?