British Standards Online

Access and view British Standards and reports online. British Standards epitomise best practice in the standards world and the businesses that use them demonstrate that safety and reliability matter most.

Standards encourage you to focus on the products or services you deliver, the business processes you follow and the way you manage your business as a whole. They do this by providing a practical framework for you to examine, review and continually improve any area of your business.

Accessing British Standards Online Free through Libraries:

British Standards Online can be accessed at your Business & IP Centre in the following libraries:

Email or call one of these libraries to book a computer in advance, or ask the front desk for a BIPC computer when you are visiting.

Browsing through Standards:

You can search for Standards using the quick search at the top of the page or browse for standards by their subject or ICS code.

British Standards online webpage

Viewing, Downloading and Printing

view document example
British Standards is view only. There will be a preview button available if the standard is in the library subscription. Not all standards have preview functionality.

Please note that you can only print 10% of a Standard document. Please seek library team’s advice regarding printing

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